When it comes to working out, you are probably well aware of the motivation factor. Dogs are one in the same – they need motivation! This can vary hugely, from being motivated by food, safety precautions and fun seeking motivation. Furthermore, we will explore how you can motivate your dog, in order to help you with training.

Start by asking yourself, what motivates your favorite animal? When it comes to dogs, motivation varies greatly from different breeds to temperaments. The only way to get familiarized with the most effective motivator for your dog is to try out a variety of things:

Food & Treats | Food & treats are the greatest reward for some dogs and can be extremely executive in dogs training sessions. Remember, you are reinforcing whatever behavior preceded the treat, don’t unintentionally reward hyperactive behavior. Wait until your dog is in the right frame of mind to give it. Here’s the situation you want to avoid. Your dog learns how to do a command… But he’ll only do it when he knows there’s a treat waiting for him at the end of it. Eventually, rely on treats and food less and less, sharing reinforcement by giving your attention or affection.

Freedom | Let’s face it, if you chose one word to describe why a dog struggles against you on the leash it would be freedom. The dog wants the freedom to get unattached from you. Doing what you can to safely gift freedom in ample amounts is not only a compassionate approach but also supports the working bong between you and your pup when an environment calls for a greater degree of self discipline.

Toys | Other dogs are more impressed by fun. Try letting your dog play with their favorite toy after a couple of training sessions and make a note if they are even more keen on playing with it after a training session – if this is the case, then, perhaps you’ve found your pet’s greatest motivator.

The key factor in finding what motivates your dog is paying attention to every physical part and behavioral pattern in your dog – every move, muscle and facial expression can tell you a story of its own.