Veterinary Services

Pet General Surgery in Cumberland, RI

We can perform almost any surgery that your dog or cat could need at Diamond Hill Animal Clinic, or we can refer you to the right specialist if you need help. Our clinic’s expert veterinarians provide a variety of surgical services, from simple to sophisticated operations.

To make sure that your pet receives the greatest treatment, our veterinary team goes above and beyond. We examine your pet physically and run pre-anesthetic tests before surgery, keep an eye on them while they are under anaesthesia, and give them painkillers as necessary to keep them comfortable while they are recovering.

The safety of our patients throughout procedures and other medical treatments is a top priority for us. In order to ensure the patients’ comfort and safety, our veterinarians and veterinary technicians are qualified to administer anaesthetics and monitor them. Anesthesia and patient monitoring vary greatly from clinic to clinic. You can relax knowing that we use the most modern and efficient techniques. We employ a variety of anaesthetics depending on the surgery. While some surgeries just need a local anaesthetic, others call for general anaesthetic. Whether simple or complex, we attentively supervise every procedure.