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Pet Microchipping in Cumberland, RI

A microchip is a very small object that stores specific identifying data about a pet. It has a code that matches the pet owner’s contact information and is about the size of a grain of rice. This makes it possible to immediately restore lost pets or cats to their proper homes.

Why should your pet have a microchip?

Over 10 million pets are reported missing each year, and one in three pets may go missing at some point in their lives, according to PetFinder. Any veterinarian or animal shelter can use a specialized microchip scanner to identify your pet’s microchip and contact you as soon as possible in the event that it goes missing and is found. According to one study, pets with microchips were recovered 52% more frequently than pets without them, who did so only 22% of the time. Make sure to notify the microchip manufacturer if you move or alter your contact information at any time so they can promptly update their records.

How is the pet’s chip implanted?

Between the shoulder blades, where they cannot be removed or harmed, a needle containing a microchip is implanted. Your pet is safe and secure once the microchip is implanted since it remains there permanently. Any veterinarian will be able to locate the microchip using a handheld scanner if your pet ever has to be recognized (for example, if it has run off and been found by the authorities).