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Pet Vaccination in Cumberland, RI

Vaccines aid in defending your pet from fatal infectious infections. Vaccines against harmful diseases have helped millions of animals throughout the years and nearly wiped out several deadly illnesses that were once widespread. Unvaccinated dogs and cats are nonetheless seriously at risk from a variety of infectious diseases. Despite the fact that vaccine programmes have been very effective and immunizations are now regular, we as pet parents and you as caretakers cannot afford to let up on maintaining the vaccination records of our furry friends.

There are numerous vaccines available for use in dogs and cats, but not every animal needs every vaccine. While some vaccinations are optional and can be advised for pets based on a variety of factors, such as their risk of contracting a disease, other vaccinations are considered core vaccines and should be given to all pets. Vaccine guidelines may alter over the course of a pet’s life as travel habits and other factors change. All of these things will be taken into account as we decide which vaccinations your pet needs.

We are aware that your pet is special and that no one vaccination regimen will be the best option for every pet in every circumstance. Our goal at Diamond Hill Animal Clinic is to provide you with the best advice for keeping your pet healthy. Our staff is knowledgeable about veterinary vaccines. Let us create a vaccination schedule and ongoing booster regimen that takes into account your pet’s lifestyle, general health, risk of infection, and other elements.

cat being treated by vet